With a ATS, a better life is uninterrupted

Boom, the power is out! What should I do if the elevator is halfway there? The time has come to test psychological qualities.

Boom, the power is out! What if the power goes out and the operation is halfway through? God please grant me a ray of light.

Oh,my god! In the intelligent time, give us a reliable electricity guarantee!


So here’s the questions -

First, why the power outage?

To summarize the following situations of power outages:

(1) Planned power outage: planned maintenance and overhaul according to the operating cycle of line equipment;

(2) Temporary power outage: temporarily arranged power outage maintenance;

(3) Fault power failure: such as wire breakage, falling rod, etc. caused by bad weather;

(4) Forgot to buy electricity (this situation may happen frequently)


Second, how to prevent power outages?

The methods: the use of multiple power supply, such as mains plus generator, UPS, equipped EPS.

Indispensable for multiplexing: dual power transfer switches.

What are the responsibilities of ATSE? ——- guaranteed power!


Third, the use of dual power supply?

Where power outages can cause personal safety hazards, equipment damage, and property damage, dual power transfer switches must be used.

 (Ginseng safety is the most important)


Fire electricity: fire evacuation lighting

Elevator Power: Preventing Power Outages from Being Trapped

Medical power supply: operating room, ICU intensive care unit

Other important places for power supply: databases, storage warehouses, government electricity, etc.


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ATS transfer switch


Post time: Oct-19-2022

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