BFM high-voltage power capacitor

1. What is an BFM high-voltage power capacitor?


BFM high-voltage power capacitor and bfm high-voltage power capacitor are suitable for parallel connection in power frequency AC 50Hz power system to improve power factor, improve voltage quality and reduce equipment and line loss


2.Environmental Conditions for BFM High Voltage Power Capacitors?


The altitude of the installation and operation area shall not exceed 2000m, and plateau type capacitors can be provided for areas with an altitude higher than this limit. The ambient air temperature range in the installation area is – 25/+45 ℃ and – 40/+40 ℃. For outdoor use, the installation site shall be free of harmful gas and steam, conductive or explosive dust, and severe mechanical vibration.


3.Technical functions of BFM high-voltage power capacitor?


3.1. The continuous operation voltage of capacitor is 1.00Un, and it can operate for corresponding time under the steady-state overvoltage specified in the following table. The overvoltage value that can be withstood by the capacitor without significant damage depends on the duration, total times and capacitor temperature.


3.2. Capacitance deviation: – 5%~+10%.


3.3. The capacitors are divided into indoor and outdoor types, and are suitable for various special environments such as hot and humid areas, plateau areas and polluted areas.


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