Contact BOX – Physical Elements!!!

1.What is an Contact BOX?


The contact box is used for various handcart switch cabinets under the condition that the altitude does not exceed 1000M.

The contact box is an epoxy resin APG process pressure gel forming structure, which is used for various handcart type switch cabinets for insulation isolation and connection transition.


2. Brief introduction of Contact BOX?

Model Meaning Operation Condition


2.1. The altitude shall not exceed 1000M


2.2 Ambient temperature:+40 ℃~10 ℃;


2.3. When the air temperature is+20 ℃, the relative humidity shall not exceed 95%


2.4. There is no place where gas, steam, dust and other explosive and corrosive media seriously affect the insulation of contact box.



3.Technical Date&Requirement of Contact BOX?


3.1. The contact box and the contact to the ground shall be able to withstand the power frequency test voltage (effectiveness) of 42KV for 5 minutes, and the lightning impulse (peak value) of 75KV;


3.2. The temperature rise at the outlet end of the contact box shall not exceed 65 ℃ under the rated current and long-term operation;


3.3. See the attached figure for the outline and installation dimensions of the contact box.



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