The State Grid has comprehensively implemented electricity price reform

The State Grid has comprehensively implemented electricity price reform.
Actively service users to carry out power purchasing agent.
The details are as follows:
1. We will fully implement market-based reform of on-grid pricing for coal-fired power generation. Strictly implement the principle of all coal-fired power generation into the power market, through market transactions within the range of “base price + fluctuation” to form the grid price.

2. Extensively inform customers of purchasing power by proxy. For users who do not purchase power directly from the power market, State Grid provides power purchase service by proxy. At least one month’s notice shall be given to the customer for the first time

3. Provide convenient services for purchasing electricity by proxy. Based on a “priorities” online online services platform, improve the service function, service products, for the general agent for electricity users to provide convenient and efficient policy consultancy, contract signing, business to handle queries, electricity bill and other kinds of services, to build national grid electricity purchasing agent all-weather “one-stop” service platform, vigorously promote online office, palm, fingers run, Improve user perception and service experience.

4. Strictly publicize the information of purchasing power by agents. Optimize and adjust the business process and business system, and strictly implement relevant policies on information disclosure of power purchase agency.

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Post time: Nov-06-2021

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