Chinese Double Eleven Shopping Carnival

The Double Eleven Shopping Carnival refers to the online sales day on November 11 each year. It originated from the online sales promotion held by Taobao Mall (Tmall) on November 11, 2009. At that time, the number of participating merchants and promotion efforts were limited, but The turnover far exceeded the expected effect, so November 11 became a fixed date for Tmall to hold large-scale promotional activities. Double Eleven has become an annual event in China’s e-commerce industry and has gradually affected the international e-commerce industry.
On November 11, 2021, the 2021 Double Eleven Shopping Carnival begins.

Since Tmall initiated the “Double Eleven” shopping festival in 2009, this day of the year has become a veritable shopping feast for the whole people.
The strength of “Double Eleven”
The “Double Eleven” chaos can be seen from the commercial advertising wars. An e-commerce website placed a group of advertisements with the theme of “face-slapping” in multiple media. The slogan included “express delivery and other half a month”, “50% off fakes”, “bad reviews by human flesh” content, pointing directly to the competitor’s price Issues such as false heights, slow express delivery, platform sales of counterfeit goods, promotional gimmicks, and data creation. In fact, these problems have almost become a common problem in the field of e-commerce.
It is worth noting that with the increasingly fierce competition among major e-commerce companies, the “Double Eleven” front has been around for a month. Although this is a spontaneous market behavior by merchants, disorderly competition has brought about Multiple evils: On the one hand, people’s impulsive consumption is further stimulated and amplified, on the other hand, consumers’ trust in e-commerce websites is overdrawn. In addition, it also leads to problems such as overwhelming the express delivery industry, excessive packaging and unenvironmental protection and waste.

In the context of increasing downward pressure on the economy, the surging passenger flow and extremely large daily transaction volume of the “Double Eleven” shopping carnival show the strong willingness and higher consumption power of the people, which undoubtedly stimulates domestic demand It’s a positive sign. The “blowout” of e-commerce demand has revealed the huge potential of China’s online consumption, which is a confrontation between traditional retail formats and new retail formats. Alibaba Group CEO Jack Ma believes that the “Double Eleven” shopping carnival is a signal of China’s economic transformation and a battle between new marketing models and traditional marketing models. Analysts said that with the successful breakthrough of 10 billion nodes, China’s retail format is “fundamentally changing”-the online transaction form has been transformed from being one of the supplementary channels of the retail industry to the mainstream of stimulating domestic demand in China. From this, the traditional retail format has been forced to upgrade in an all-round way.  (Huaxi Metropolis Daily Review)
The “Double Eleven” consumer boom cannot be indulged in the digital bubble that is rising year by year. If you want to achieve rapid development, both businesses and consumers must be more rational. Only in this way, will “Double Eleven” not become a “garbage consumption” carnival


Post time: Oct-27-2021

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