ZW7/CT(built-out) 35kV Outdoor Transformer Substation Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW7/CT(built-out) 35kV Outdoor Transformer Substation Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Product Structure

ZW7A-40.5 Series outdoor high voltage vacuum circuit breakers main switchgear of AC50Hz, 40.5KV, which is assembled with spring operating or electromagnetic operating mechanism. It can be operated to switch on/off by remote control, and it is also charged and switched on/off by hand. The design function of breaker complies with the requirements of GB1984-89 and IEC56 “AC high voltage circuit breaker”, it is mainly used in outdoor 35KV distribution system to control and protect, also for normal operating and protecting short circuit of urban,rural network, or industrial enterprises. Its overall structure is supported by porcelain insulator, vacuum interrupter built in upper insulator, downside insulator used for supporting. The breaker applies

Frequent operating places with the advantages of good sealing anti-aging, high-voltage withstand, non flame, non explosion long working life, easy installation and maintenance and etc.


Product feature

For frequent operation place

Good sealing, anti-aging, high pressure, no burning, no explosion, long life, convenient installation and maintenance features


Ambient condition

1, Altitude:not exceed 1000m

2, Ambient temperature:not higher than +40°C,not less than - 15°C

3,Relative humidity:daily average relative humidity:≤95%;monthly average relative humidity :≤95%;monthly avergae relative humidity ≤90%, daily avergae saturated vapor pressure ≤2.2KPa;monthly average value: ≤1.8KPa.

4, Earthquake intensity: ≤8 degree

5, The installation should be free from fire,explosion,severe vibration,chemical corrosion and serious pollution.


Technical parameters

Item Description Data
1 Rated voltage(KV) 33/35
2 Rated insulation level(KV) 1min withstand voltage Dry 95
Wet 80
Lightning impulse withstand voltage(peak) 185
3 Rated current(A) 630
4 Rated short circuit breaking current(KA) 20/25/31.5/40
5 Rated operating sequence OC-0.3s-CO-180S-CO
6 Rated short-circuit opening times 20
7 Rated short circuit closing current(peak)(KA) 50/63/80
8 Rated peak withstand current(KA)
9 Rated short-circuit withstand current(KA) 20/25/31.5
10 Rated duration of short-circuit(S) 4
11 Aveage breake speed(m/s) 1.5±0.2
12 Average closing speed(m/s) 0.7±0.2
13 The jump time of contact close breake(ms) ≤2
14 Time difference of closing(breaking) three phase at the same time(ms) ≤2
15 Closing time(ms) ≤150
16 Opening time(ms) ≤60
17 Mechanical life 10000
18 Rated operating voltage and aux circuit rated voltage(V) DC110/220
19 DC resistance of circuit for every phase(S) ≤100
20 Contacts limit erosion(A) 3
21 Weight(KG) 1100

Outline dimension

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