ZW32-12 3CT/PT/ZERO/G/Controller Outdoor Pole Mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker

ZW32-12 3CT/PT/ZERO/G/Controller Outdoor Pole Mounted Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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Product Description

Applicable place:(Suitable forplaces with high voltage level)

1.Overhead lines.


3.Mining enterprises.

4.Power stations.


This is a new type of on poleswitchgearin vacuum circuit breaker series products in China.


1.It has good performance inshort-circuit makingandbreaking.

2.It is characterized byautomatic re-making,stable operationandlong electric life.

3.Under its normal operating conditions and specified technical parameters, it cansatisfy the protection requirements of systems connectedwith the grid in service.

Environmental Conditions

Ambient temperature:- 40°C~+40°C

Relative humidity: ≤95% (daily average) or ≤90% (monthly average)

Altitude: ≤ 2000m

Structure and Function


Main Technical Parameters

Description Unit Data
Ratedvoltage KV 12
Ratedcurrent A 630
Ratedfrequency Hz 50/60
Ratedshort-circuitbrekaingcurrent kA 25
Meachicallife M2 class

Note:Please contact the factory to confirm the latest parameters

Outline and installation dimension



Product picture details(Real product picture, unprocessed)


Service Environment


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