TBBX Type Outdoorutdoor Fiexd Reactive Compensation Complete Set Device

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Reactive Compensation Complete Set General

TBBX Type Outdoorutdoor Fiexd Reactive Compensation Complete Set Device(hereinafter referred to as the device) is suitable for 6-35kV AC power system with frequency of 50Hz. It is mainly used in power system to adjust bus voltage and reactive power, improve power factor, improve voltage quality and reduce network loss.

This equipment is basically a customized product, the user needs to provide specific and detailed requirements and drawings. Our engineers will provide a complete plan and budget as soon as possible according to the user’s requirements.

We can provide reactive power compensation equipment for use in substation, and reactive power compensation equipment for use on line, All accessories are promised to be 100% new.


 Complete Set Executive standards

GB50227-2008 “Code for design of shunt capacitor device

JB/T7111-1993 “High voltage shunt capacitor device”

JB/T10557-2006 “High voltage reactive local compensation device”

DL/T 604-1996 “Ordering technical conditions for high voltage shunt capacitors”


Main technical performance index

1Capacitance deviation

1.1The difference between the actual capacitance and the rated capacitance of the device is within the range of 0- +5% of the rated capacitance.

1.2The ratio of the maximum to the minimum capacitance between any two line terminals of the device shall not exceed 1.02.

2Inductance deviation

2.1Under rated current, the allowable deviation of reactance value is 0~+5%.

2.2The reactance value of each phase shall not exceed ± 2% of the average value of three phases.

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