Substation Transformer Transformer Price Step Down Transformer

Substation Transformer Transformer Price Step Down Transformer

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Substation Transformer Transformer Price Step Down Transformer


ST /TC  type toroidal transformer step-down transformer 2000w 220v to 110v transformer step up

Step up & down transformer / toroidal transformer/220v power transformer  is specially  designed   for such electronic equipment whose rated AC

voltage different from that of the local net  voltage.

They are safe for use within the rated voltage range.


toroidal transformer step-down transformer 2000w 220v to 110v transformer step up

This series step-up & step-down transformer is an AC voltage converting device.

Using it is to convert the multi-kind net voltages into a general output voltage

under which all the electronic units are safe for use within the rated power range.

Main technical data

Phase no.: Single-phase

Input voltage: AC110V or 200V or 220V or 240V

Output voltage: AC110V & 220V.

With fuse protector or with over current protector

Main features

1. Heavy duty suitable for continuous use.

2. Terminal connection or plug & socket connection.

3. Various types of plug & socket, US, European, Schuko, VDE, UK, Asian, Australian, or as request.

4. Output up to 3 sockets.

5. Input voltage range: 110V/117V/120V/220V/230V/240V

6. Output voltage range: 220V/230V/240V/110V/117V/120V

7. Typical capacity:  100/200/300/500/800/1000/1500/2000/3000/5000/8000/10000VA, or  customized

8. Frequency: 50/60HZ

9. Protection : fuse protector or over current protector.


Type Product Size(cm) Package Size(cm) G.W(KG) Qyt
ST-100A 13.5*11*9.5 13.5*11*9.5 18.5 12
ST-200A 13.5*11*9.5 13.5*11*9.5 21.5 12
ST-300A 13.5*11*9.5 13.5*11*9.5 23.5 12
ST-500A 19.5*15.5*12.5 19.5*15.5*12.5 13.5 4
ST-800A 19.5*15.5*12.5 19.5*15.5*12.5 19.5 4
ST-1000A 19.5*15.5*12.5 19.5*15.5*12.5 22 4
ST-1600A 23.5*15*15 23.5*15*15 32 4
ST-2000A 23.5*15*15 23.5*15*15 22 2
ST-3000A 23.5*15*15 23.5*15*15 28 2
ST-5000A 29.5*24.5*19.5 29.5*24.5*19.5 17 1
ST-8000A 29.5*24.5*19.5 29.5*24.5*19.5 18.5 1
ST-10000A 29.5*24.5*19.5 29.5*24.5*19.5 34 1

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