Low-Voltage Isolation Switch- CNAISO SGL

1.What is an SGL isolation switch ?


A: SGL AC load isolation switch is widely used in the distribution system and automatic system of architecture, electrical power, petrochemical, and other industries. it is suitable for AC 50hz, rated voltage to 660V, DC rated voltage up to 440V, Rated current up to 3150A. 

B: Many forms of structures and operations in which the on and off state of contact is abserved through windows. low-voltage isolator switch 3p load break switch wenzhou switch

C: There are many types of switch: operation inside or outside the board, frontal or lateral operations, there are also connections behind the board.  low-voltage isolator switch 3p load break switch wenzhou switch

D: All the contact material are copper alloy plated with silver, and possess two separation contact surfaces

E: Be on “O” position, it can lock the handle with three locks at the same time and thus can avoid error operation.


2.How to choose the isolation switch ?


2.1. Isolation appliances usually refer to no-load current on-off appliances, which can only switch on and off no-load currents. Isolation appliances have obvious on-off indications, such as isolation switches, fuses, knife fuse switches, and plug and socket connectors. etc., can be used as isolation electrical appliances.

2.2. In order to better maintain and test as well as the needs of overhaul and safety, the isolation switch should meet the requirements of isolation, and it will also protect the electrical appliance when it encounters a short circuit. It can also be called an isolating appliance. The isolating switch should be installed near the control appliance .

2.3. The isolating switch must meet the rated voltage of the circuit and the requirements of the calculated current, and the withstand current should be checked according to the short-term and peak values. When there is a requirement for on-off capability, its current-breaking capability should be greater than the expected current of the loop.

2.4. When the selected isolating switch is used to install isolating electrical appliances, the center of the handle cannot cut off the load current. Other forms of isolating switches can cut off the corresponding load current, but the knife switch with arc cover must be selected. .


3.Main purpose of isolating switch ?


3.1. It is used to isolate the power supply and disconnect the high-voltage maintenance equipment from the live equipment, so that there is an obvious disconnection point between them.

3.2. The isolation switch cooperates with the circuit breaker, and performs the switching operation according to the needs of the system operation mode to change the system operation wiring mode.

3.3. Used to connect or disconnect small current circuits.

3.4 The isolating switch can perform the following operations: it can pull and close the bypass current of the closed-circuit switch; pull and close the grounding wire of the neutral point of the transformer, but when the neutral point is connected with an arc suppression coil, it can only be done when the system is fault-free. Operation; pull and close voltage transformers and arresters; pull and close the busbar and the capacitor current of the equipment directly connected to the busbar; pull and close the no-load line with the capacitor current not exceeding 5 amps; the three-way isolating switch can pull and close the voltage at 10 kV and below, load with current below 15A, etc. When operating the isolating switch, it should be noted that when the line is powered on, the isolating switch on the bus side is closed first, then the isolating switch on the line side is closed, and then the circuit breaker is closed. When the line is powered off, the circuit breaker should be disconnected first, and then the isolating switch should be pulled out. Do not pull or close the high-voltage isolating switch with load.


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