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On August 5, the State Grid Minquan County Power Supply Company organized the Service team of the Communist Party of China jiao Yulu to conduct a special inspection of all substations under the county’s administration. The inspection found that hidden dangers were eliminated in time to ensure the safe operation of substations and ensure the stable supply of power in the county.

The service team members of the company and the operation and maintenance personnel repaired the discharge fault of the voltage transformer at the interval of the voltage transformer of the 10 kv east bus in the 35 kV Yindian substation, and completed the insulation strengthening treatment of the transformer after more than 3 hours of lack elimination work.

To ensure the safety of power supply is of great significance to our production and life. And transformers are particularly important in our power supply.

AISO Electric has been in the industry for more than 10 years, the product quality is very guaranteed, the following is to introduce a transformer of our company JDZ18-6,10:

The voltage transform is the type of cast resin insulation and full enclosed,used for electric energy metering,.voltage control and relay protection in the power systems of rated voltage 3KV,6KV,and 10KVor below.The products are in Conforms to IEC60044 and GB20%40.3-2013 Voltage Transformer.

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Post time: Aug-06-2021