CNAISO Electric releases a variety of switch series, there is always one suitable for you

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In the current situation of “less is more, simplicity is rich”, how to choose a switch product that not only follows the trend, but also has artistic sense and versatile practicality? Recently, CNAISO Electric is well versed in the pursuit of quality life by modern homeowners, and has a new understanding of “housing” and “delivery”. The switch products designed with simple and versatile styles help consumers easily build their own style homes.



Optimal material, reliable and durable: excellent workmanship, exquisite craftsmanship, and high-quality raw material selection give it unparalleled quality and durability. The switches are made of high-grade PC materials in the selection of materials, which makes them have excellent high flame retardancy. Performance ensures the safety and reliability of the product. In addition, the switches have passed strict high-frequency switching tests before being launched. The high-frequency switching tests performed over tens of thousands of times have ensured the reliability of the quality, allowing consumers to benefit from the high standards of French industrial craftsmanship. rigorous.
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In the smart home business field for end-consumer groups, CNAISO Electric has always been committed to providing consumers with switch products that integrate safety, reliability and forward-looking design. The launch of a variety of new series of switches will further supplement CNAISO Electric’s switch product line , So that every consumer can enjoy a safe, comfortable, smart, convenient and humanized home life experience.

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Post time: Aug-28-2021