ASLBS-33 Column SF6 Insulated Load Switch/Sectionalizer

Overview of 33kV Sectionalizer



The SF6 insulated load switch installed on the ASLBS-33 column is suitable for the rated voltage of 33kV/35kV, the rated current of 630A or 1250A, and the rated frequency.The 50/60Hz distribution network can turn on and off the load current and overload current in the power system; the switch is equipped with an intelligent controller, which can realize the function of a watchdog, and can automatically isolate the faulty line segments, thereby improving the power supply reliability of the main network.

Insulating gas

Each switch has been filled with SF6 gas before leaving the factory, strictly sealed, and tested in accordance with IEC60265-1 (1988) and GB3804-1990 standards.


SF6 Insulated Load Switch:Sectionalizer

Outdoor installation diagram of load switch

Load Switch:Sectionalizer


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