All parties discuss energy and power transition

On September 9, the 2021 International Forum on Energy and Power Transformation was held in Beijing and received widespread attention. All parties spoke highly of the State Grid Corporation’s practices and experience in promoting the transformation of energy and power.

Portuguese Ambassador to China Du Aojie:

The speed of China’s energy development is amazing, and the commitments and measures to transition to renewable energy are impressive. Portugal has also adopted a similar energy development path. Portugal announced to the world in 2016 that it will achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. By 2030, 47% of Portugal’s energy consumption will be dominated by renewable energy. The cooperation between China and Portugal in the economic field is full of vitality, and they are also jointly addressing climate change. Energy and electricity will play a key role. We want to improve energy efficiency and believe that the professional technology and experience of the State Grid Corporation of China will benefit the world.

Alessandro Palin, Global President of ABB Group Power Distribution Systems:

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind at this stage. In China, ABB promotes energy transformation and industry upgrades by establishing close cooperative relationships with customers, partners and suppliers, and continues to contribute to green development. As a backbone enterprise in China’s energy industry, State Grid Corporation of China has implemented a green development strategy and actively promoted energy transformation. ABB will strengthen cooperation with the State Grid Corporation of China, and go hand in hand in the process of achieving the “net zero” and temperature control targets of the Paris Agreement, so as to create a safe, smart and sustainable future for China and the world.

Hai Lan, Secretary General of China-Sri Lanka Economic and Trade Cooperation Association:

This is a good forum. I learned how China’s power market is regulated, what new projects State Grid Corporation of China has, which outstanding companies State Grid Corporation of China cooperates with, and what new technologies are currently available. Sri Lanka is a small country and a developing country. It is a great opportunity to come and learn from China and the State Grid. I believe that with the help of China, Sri Lanka can get better development.

Chen Qingquan, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering:

Participating in the 2021 Energy and Power International Forum is very rewarding. The State Grid Corporation of China has promoted China’s energy transition and also promoted the global energy revolution.

In the energy revolution, our core challenges are threefold. One is the sustainability of energy, the other is the reliability of energy, and the third is whether people can afford these energy sources. The connotation of the energy revolution is low-carbon, intelligent, electrified and hydrogenated terminal energy. In these aspects, the State Grid Corporation of China has cooperation with power companies in many countries, not only in China, but also in the world.

China’s energy structure is still dominated by coal. It is more difficult for China to carry out an energy revolution and achieve carbon neutrality than abroad. Under the circumstances of short time and arduous tasks, we have to work harder to innovate than other countries.

So I put forward the theory and practice of “four networks and four streams”. The “four networks” here are the energy network, the information network, the transportation network, and the humanities network. The first three networks are the economic foundation, and the humanities network is the superstructure, which is also the first The reason why the Fourth Industrial Revolution is going to the Fifth Industrial Revolution.

The fourth industrial revolution centers on artificial intelligence. In addition to artificial intelligence, the fifth industrial revolution also adds humanities and the environment. So I think that the State Grid Corporation of China is indeed leading the energy revolution, leading the energy transformation of China and the world. It is hoped that the State Grid will be able to achieve a higher level of development, far-sighted, and make new contributions to the energy revolution.

Gao Feng, deputy dean of the Institute of Energy Internet Innovation, Tsinghua University:

The construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body is the deepening of the connotation of the energy Internet under the goal of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality. The key to building a new power system is to build a new power ecosystem. All links of power generation, transmission, distribution, source, network, load and storage need to be coordinated, requiring the participation of new energy companies, fossil energy companies, power grid companies, and users.

The State Grid Corporation of China continues to improve the UHV and UHV backbone grids, enhance the power grid’s ability to support large-scale development and large-scale consumption of new energy, and actively develop flexible power transmission, improve the level of flexible control of the grid, and promote energy transformation and build new types of energy. The power system has played a major role. In the future, the energy transition will profoundly change the production relations of the energy industry and promote the vigorous development of the energy industry ecology. The State Grid Corporation of China has built new energy cloud platforms, online state grids, energy industry cloud networks, etc., which not only provide users with technology and services, but are also an important starting point for the construction of new power systems. It will give birth to more new business formats and new models, which will contribute to the formation of new types of power systems. The energy ecosystem is of great significance to serve the carbon peak and carbon neutral goals.

Tang Yi, Professor of the School of Electrical Engineering, Southeast University, Director of the Institute of Power System Automation:

To achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, the energy and power industry has a heavy responsibility. It must promote energy conservation and energy efficiency improvement, and achieve clean replacement on the supply side and electric power replacement on the consumer side. With the peaking of carbon, the accelerating process of carbon neutrality and the deepening of energy transformation, the power system has shown the characteristics of “double high”, which brings great challenges to the safe and stable operation of the power grid. The ninth meeting of the Central Finance and Economics Committee emphasized the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body, which pointed out the direction for the transformation and upgrading of my country’s power system.

The State Grid Corporation of China has the courage to take responsibility, actively promote the construction of a new power system with new energy as the main body, promote clean power on the power side, smart on the grid side, and electrification on the user side, and accelerate the clean, low-carbon, high-efficiency, digital and intelligent interaction centered on electricity Energy system construction uses the deep integration of “watts” and “bits” to support the achievement of carbon peaks and carbon neutrality goals, and conducts in-depth research on the path optimization and stabilization mechanism of new power systems with new energy as the main body.

The construction of a new power system requires an effective combination of physical means and market mechanisms. It is necessary to realize the coordinated development of a variety of new power system regulation methods, but also to explore the establishment of a market mechanism of “electricity-carbon” integration to promote low-carbon power supply and health Both development and the safe development of power grids, and take the power spot market and the carbon trading market as an important balancing method, improve the spot market trading mechanism and expand the capacity as soon as possible, and explore the market mechanism of “electricity-carbon” integration.

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