Advantages and precautions for installing an electricity meter with current transformer

Why should the meter be equipped with a transformer? This is to avoid burning out the meter and saving money. In terms of saving money, the price of a small current meter with transformer will be lower than that of a large current meter. From the perspective of the safety of the electricity meter, if the amount of current in the entire loop exceeds the tolerance range of the meter, then It will be damaged. In order to avoid burning the meter, it is necessary to install a good quality 11kv current transformer.

precautions for installing an electricity meter includes following parts:

1. Check before installation

Check the meter before installing it, mainly to check the appearance of the meter. Be careful when checking to avoid purchasing inferior products. Generally, the meters produced by regular manufacturers will have a seal, especially pay attention to this point, to see whether the seal is complete, and can only be installed after passing the test.

2. The installation location

The meter is not installed at random near the entrance door. It also has certain requirements for the surrounding environment. It is best to install it in a relatively empty location. Within -40 degrees, the humidity can not be higher than 85%, at the same time can not be directly exposed to sunlight, the height is maintained at 1.8m.

3. The installation operation

When installing the meter, you need to install it according to the wiring diagram, connect the above wires one by one, each screw must be fixed in place, you need to test after installation, and you can use it after passing the test.

Post time: Jul-17-2020

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