Long Warranty High Voltage hrc 24kV 200amp Fuse Cutout

Long Warranty High Voltage hrc 24kV 200amp Fuse Cutout

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Yueqing Aiso gain client trust thanks to their proven reputation for reliability, performance and long life. 24kV 200amp Fuse Cutout from Yueqing Aiso are available for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to incorporate in their own installations or for use in repair, retrofit and upgrade projects.

Why Yueqing AIso?
1,Full engineering and technical support: 3 professional manufacturers, and technical service team.
2,Quality is No1 ,our culture.
3,Quickly lead times:”Time is gold” for you and for us
4,30min fast response:we have professional team,7*20H


Yueqing Aiso 24kV 200amp Fuse Cutout used in 24KV line, the product according to CE standard production, procurement solid guarantee, with foam inside, to prevent damage to the product during transportation. We can supply different types of packing according to customer's requirement.

1.Made of high quality material, it has long service life.The fusant is made of pure copper strip. The fusion tube is made of high strength china. The extinguishing medium is made of pure quartz sand.2.Easy installation and maintenance. The terminal of fusant contacting with the end-plate (or the connecting plate) use the technology of spot welding.3.Safe indication. The fuse with the indicator can be show the fusing when the indicator pop-up.

4.Durable and reliable

Service Conditions

Environment temperature:-40℃ to 40℃.

Relative humidity:daily average value not more than 95%, on average less than 90%.

The location of on more than 1000m altitude(high altitude type not more than 3000m).

Wind speed not more than 34m/s.

Ice cover thickness not more than 20mm.

Installation site should be no fire and explosion danger, chemical corrosion andstrenuous vibration.

Technical Parameters


















ASC1-24/200 24-27 200 10000 150 65 540

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