Competitive Price 10kV 11kV 630A Outdoor Pole Type High Voltage Disconnector/Isolator Switch

Competitive Price 10kV 11kV 630A Outdoor Pole Type High Voltage Disconnector/Isolator Switch

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Yueqing Aiso gain client trust thanks to their proven reputation for reliability, performance and long life.  High Voltage Disconnector/Isolator Switch from Yueqing Aiso are available for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to incorporate in their own installations or for use in repair, retrofit and upgrade projects.

Why Yueqing AIso?
1,Full engineering and technical support: 3 professional manufacturers, and technical service team.
2,Quality is No1 ,our culture.
3,Quickly lead times:”Time is gold” for you and for us
4,30min fast response:we have professional team,7*20H

Load Isolator Switch Introduction

Gw1-12 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating Switch. are high voltage switchgears of monopole structures and be applied for the connection and disconnection of circuit under voltage without loading. Knife switch with CS mould manual operating mechanism can prevent disoperation such as switching in etc. On line earthing wires. And the operating staff needs not to clients for heavily polluted areas and can make effective solutions on the pollution flashover during the operation of disconnecting switches.

Our Gw1-12 Outdoor High Voltage Isolating SwitchIt is a new type of patented product designed by our factory according to the current national standard and IEC standard, aiming at a series of problems existing in the original GWl type switch. The switch itself has a grounding knife, and the CS manual mechanism produced by the factory can effectively prevent misoperations such as “connecting the ground wire with power and closing with the wire”, and the operator does not need to hang another ground wire during line maintenance. The product has excellent electrical and mechanical properties. It is a replacement product of the current 10kV/11kV/12kV outdoor isolating switch.

Electric Isolator Switch Environmental Conditions

1,Installation method: side-mounted, middle-mounted
2,Ambient air temperature: upper limit +40C, lower limit -30C; ;
3,Altitude: ≤2000m (if the altitude needs to be increased, the rated insulation level should be increased accordingly);
4,Wind pressure: no more than 700Pa (equivalent to wind speed of 34m/s);
5,Amplitude: earthquake intensity 8 degrees;
6,Contamination level: Class I;
7,Maximum daily temperature difference: no more than 25C.

Isolation Switch Main Technical Parameters

12kV Isolating Switch

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