ZW32/Zero/G 24kV Pole Mounted Automatic Recloser Circuit Breaker

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ZW32/Zero/G 24kV Pole Mounted Automatic Recloser Circuit Breaker
Used:Outdoor pole mounted vacuum circuit breaker
Rated voltage:11kV, 24kV
Rated current:630A/1250A
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ZW32/Zero/G 24kV Pole Mounted Automatic Recloser Circuit Breaker:

A new on-pole  switchgear of our vacuum circuit breaker series products. Its rated voltage is 24 kV. It applies to places with such voltage level, including overhead lines, industrial and mining enterprises, power stations, substations, etc. Under its normal operating conditions and specified technical parameters, it can satisfy the protection requirements of systems connected with the grid in service. It has good performance in short-circuit making and breaking. It is characterized by automatic re-making, stable operation and long electric life

Environmental Conditions 

Ambient temperature: - 40°C~+40°C

Relative humidity: ≤95%or ≤90%

Altitude:  ≤ 2000m

Wind pressure:≤700Pa(equivalent to wind speed 34m/s)

Seismic intensity:≤8

*No fire, explosion, serious filthy, chemical corrosion and violent vibration of places.


1.Three-phase pillar type structure(safety,long service life etc);

2.Using fully closed structure,the shell made of high quality stainless steel(anti condensation, anti salt fog etc);

3.The insulation adopts epoxy resin and silicone rubber composite insulation material.It can resist external factors.There is no additional material in this cabinet.

4.Spring operation by electric and manual means,can add remote control device.Power supply power not more than 30W.Buffer device design,low tension,low noise.

5.Vacuum interrupter adopts special technology, No plating required.The production process can ensure the product’s tightness, and the tensile strength is greater than 130 MPa.

6.The current transformer adopts the ratio switch of current conversion switch(Easy to use, current protection).

7.Automatic reclosing with corresponding controller through stage.


Technical parameters




Rated voltage kV 24




Rated current



Rated short-circuit breaking current



Mechanical life

M2 level

If customers have other special requirements, our company can provide you with the most satisfactory!

Outline and installation dimension

24KV 3 Phase Outdoor Type Interrupter/Vacuum Circuit Breaker

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